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The word Kalocsa originates from the Latin colocae = made from mud.

The crest of the city of Kalocsa

Church near the bishop's castle with the statue of W.W. heroes
The church was built on the site of previous churches from 1735 to-1770. This was initiated by bishop Patassich. Architect: András Meyerhoffer .

Kalocsa was founded by Hungary's first King, St. Stephen. It is located in the southern part of the Great Hungarian Plain. Throughout the centuries its inhabitants have fought many occupations. Its small thatched houses had to suffer the frequent floods of the Danube.
The drainage of backwaters and marshes, the regulation of the Danube was begun in the middle of the 19 th century.

New book about Kalocsa and its folk art
Fejér Kati: Kalocsa Kincse (2006)

Folk art of Kalocsa

Károly Rökk , world renown artist who lived in Kalocsa

Páter Julius Fényi S.J. A famous astronomer in the Haynald Observatory in Kalocsa

Historic photos of Kalocsa

Recent photos of Kalocsa

Short history of Kalocsa

Bishop statues at Kalocsa




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