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The Folk Art of Kalocsa

The folk art of Kalocsa represents a peculiar color in the splendid bunch of flowers of Hungarian folk art. Not only has it a rich past, but it is still living, flourishing, developing richly and brilliantly.
A magnificent folk art has developed in Kalocsa and its region concentrated in the town itself. From here did it become spread to the neighboring villages: Öregcsertö, Szakmár, Homokmégy, Drágszél and farms belonging to them.

I grew up in Kalocsa and with these pages I would like to pay tribute to those pioneers who helped to make the folk art of Kalocsa popular in the nineteen thirties, and to the numerous folk artists who taught me to love the colors of Kalocsa.

Ferenc and Sarolta Pécsi, who organized and choreographed the world renown "Gyöngyös Bokréta" folk dance group.
r. Lajos Gábor and v. Ferenc Draskóy-Draskovich whose dedication helped to create the Folk Art House in Kalocsa. After the communist take over in 1945 their work was forgotten.
I should mention many more names but I left Kalocsa fleeing the secret police in 1949, and I don't have all the resources at hand to create a complete picture. Since 1957 I live in Canada, but will never forget Kalocsa the place where I grew up!



András Lajosné, sketching

Wall painting

Károly Viski Muzeum


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