Wallpainting 6
Painting of Károly Rökk from the book of Pécsiné, Ács Sarolta: "Kalocsa népmüvészete" (1970)

Wallpainting (Pingálás)

Wall-painting is done with simple paint in pulverized form mixed with milk.
The art of wall-painting can be found in Hungary only in Kalocsa and its region. According to contemporary descriptions the women decorated the upper part of the whitewashed walls of rooms and kitchens with streaks in many colours and painted
colorful flowers on them. Also the oven made of mud and whitewashed was richly decorated. Similar decorations were applied under the eves too. At first, they painted plain tiny floral design on this streaks, later the decorated surface grew in dimension and the motives became richer. The oldest and most favored decorations are the rose and tulip, but beside them also many other flowers appear in the brilliantly painted wreathes -- the lily, pansy, forget-me-not, carnation, snapdragon, foxglove, lilac, poppy, cornflower, black locust blossom, rosemary etc.-- and even the birds appear.
The rich decorative art of the painting women has no match of its kind. They like fiery and brilliant colours. the woman of Kalocsa paint without any preliminary sketch, with steady hand and inexhaustible imagination the most wonderful flowers on the wall, and their art--which is one of the most beautiful sprout of woman's artistry--attracts many admirers.

The motifs and text are from Györgyi Lengyel: Folk Art in Kalocsa, Wall-painting pamphlet. (1990)

These are the work of Gábor Józsefné Peák Pöre
Homokmégy (1885-1964)


Painted by: Molnár Gáborné Kõvágó Maris


Photo of Kõvágó Maris
1938- photographer unknown
from: Fejér Kati: Kalocsa Kincse 2006


The Folk Art Museum of Kalocsa
Photo: © George Draskóy 2006
Wall painting in the local folk art history museum. In the corner is the oven
its opening is in the kitchen.
Postcard, Photo: Árpád Patyi,1986

The room was repainted in 1988
from: Fejér Kati: Kalocsa Kincse 2006


In the summer of 1999 I was in Kalocsa and photographed the wall paintings of the Railroad Station.
Photo: © George Draskóy 1999

Wallpainting 7
The Kalocsa railroad station was originally painted in 1938, repainted in 1985 by a mother daughter team.
Mother: LajosnéVén (Gizella Török) Master of Folk Art
Daughter: Antalné Szvétek (Margit Vén) Folk Artist

This page was created in April 1999 and was renewed in December 2006 with the help of Kati Fejér, the writer of Kalocsa Kincse book.

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