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I lived in Newfoundland for 28 years, therefore that land and people are close to my heart.
My son's Andrew Draskoy's site: from where you can visit many interesting sites, learn about Newfoundland's capital St.John's. Want to know about of the natural history of Canada's easternmost province, see John Maunder's home page: Newfoundland and Labrador Natural Sciences Website. Visit the Newfoundland Museum from here. Interesting site I visited is Elizabeth Murphy's home page. She is the principal of St. Paul's Elementary School in St. John's, NF. where she uses the internet to teach Math & French & to network teachers. On her web pages you can find from Nfld photographs to how to put images or organize your web site. In St.Johns in the middle of the city they are excavating Fort Townshend. Recently they excavated and rebuilt historic Ferryland. See the Newfound Parks and Natural Areas sites. If you are a history buff visit the Historic Sites of Newfoundland.



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