Fortified Church at Prázsmár, Transylvania, Romania

Saxon fortified church built in the partially in the XV then in the XVII century. Originally it was a Cistercian church but during the reformation they were sent into exile. The church has a thick wall and in the wall are built in 272 rooms. During siege the village mowed into these rooms with their belongings. There was room for domestic animals and a granary. This fort was under siege 50 times in its history.

Fortified church

Entrance through the fortified wall. In the background is the church.

A view of the church and some of the living quarters, from the arch of the entrance through the wall.

Inside the church yard, facing the living quarters.

Above the living quarters inside the thick wall a corridor runs in a circle. Reinforcements could move quickly from one side to the other.


From the corridor (shown on the previous photograph) there were many crenelle to shoot at the enemy or throw out boiling water sometimes emptying the chamber pots on the attacking enemy. This crenelle has the original cradle for guns. When all the guns were emptied they turned it over where the second set of guns was located. Probably we can say that such gun holders were the forerunner of the machine gun.