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  These Ex Libris plates are from my father's (Ferenc Draskovich) collection from the 1920's and 1930's.
He was an agricultural engineer and was an officer of the famous "huszar's" during WW I. He lived in Kalocsa, Hungary.
Most of the bookplates presented here are reduced in size and cropped. The originals were printed on cream or yellowish paper but to reduce computer memory were converted into B&W images.
Each plate tells a story about its owner, such as the agriculturist turned to Hungary's one of most famous confectioner (Ferenc Hauer). It indicates the hunter, the stamp or the book collector, scientist, surgeon, coroner, judge,and many others.
Many of the shown plates are the work of the famous graphic artist Jenõ Haranghy, (1894-1951) who gave these plates personally to my father.

Many persons from around the world asked me about the history of my father's Ex Libris collection. He started it just before W.W. II, in a leather bound book. During the war, other things take priority of his ex libris collection which he just started. When the Russian front approached Kalocsa, (Hungary) we left the town, leaving everything behind. This book survived the pilfering of Russian army and locals. Years later we were forced to live our home again by the communist regime, but this time some of the books came with us. After the 1956 Hungarian revolution against the Russian occupation, I left Hungary and when I was allowed back to the country to visit in 1965, my father gave me his collection to bring with me to Canada.


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