Travel Tips for those who will attend the
Dragon-boating World Championship
in Szeged, Hungary



Photo:george draskóy

Compiled by:
George F. Draskóy, MF.


I just remembered to mention that in public toilets you must pay.
Always carry spare toilet paper with you!!!

I am writing this in mind of those who have never travelled over seas.

The time zone difference between Vancouver and Budapest is 9 hours.
In Szeged good mineral waters are available. There are smooth and bubbly.
The voltage is 220 V. You need an adapter, Hungarian plugs are different.

In Vancouver you can buy it at FOREIGN ELECTRONICS, 432 E. Broadway

Travel Security

World championship is a big event, therefore I am sure the best pickpockets from all over Europe could be there too. Here are a few tips to keep you and your belongings safe:

  • If you keep anything valuable in your pants pockets use large safety pins to secure it.
  • Do not carry all your money in one location. Distribute around your body.
  • If you carry a belt pack be sure to secure the pack with a safety pin to your clothing, so if the strap is cut off from you, the safety pin will still hold the pack.
  • If you have to prove your age at the race, have your ID in a secure easily accessible place. An idea is to use a small waterproof pocket attached securely to a string which hangs around your neck and put under your life jacket.
  • Use your phone to take photographs of timetables and local maps when you arrive. Using paper maps/timetables make you an easy target for thieves.
  • When you check in the hotel, ask if they have a safe in the room to keep your passport and other valuables there. If not, ask them to keep your passport in their safe. The passport is your most important document while travelling.
  • Be sure you will have a photo copy of your passport in a safe place away from the original. Keep a scanned copy on your email account for added precaution.

    Packing carry-on bag:

  • When packing your carry-on bags be sure that you are not packing forbidden items such as: scissors, pocket knives and any sharp objects as these will be taken off you.
  • Google it: What is allowed on a plane in Canada. Gels and after shaves and other cosmetics are OK if it is no more than 100ml.
  • Be sure you pack all your medication in carry-on bags. Put them in a clear ziplock bag. When you’re packing your carry-on bag include items such as an extra set of underwear including socks, toiletries, a good book, maps and schedules. If the luggage you've check-in gets lost, at least you will have these items to keep you going until your luggage is located and returned to you.
  • At the security take out iPads, smart phones and put in the bins with your wallet and keys before walking through metal detector.
  • Bring an empty water bottle and fill it up in the waiting room once you've passed security. It is a long trip you will need your water!

Hungarian words

Szervusz. (SER-voos))
How are you? 
Hogy vagy? (hodj vådj)
Fine, thank you. 
Köszönöm, jól. (KØ-sø-nøm, yoal)
What is your name? 
Hogy hívják? (hodj HEEV-yak?)
Kérem. (KEY-rem)
Thank you. 
Köszönöm. (KØ-sø-nøm)
You're welcome. 
Szívesen. (SEE-ve-shen)
Igen. (EE-gen)
Nem. (nem)
Excuse me. (getting attention) 
Elnézést. (EL-ney-zeysht)
Excuse me. (begging pardon) 
Bocsánatot kérek. (BO-cha-nå-tot KEY-rek)

I'm sorry. 
Bocsánat. (BO-cha-nåt)
Viszontlátásra. (VEE-sont-la-tash-rå)
Segítség! (SHE-geet-sheyg!)
Look out! 
Vigyázz! (VEE-djaz)
Good morning. (before around 9 AM) 
Jó reggelt! (yoa REG-gelt)
Good day (after 9 AM) 
Jó napot! (yoa NÅ-pot)
Good afternoon. 
Jó napot! (yoa NÅ-pot)
Good evening. 
Jó estét! (yoa ESH-teyt)
Good night. 
Jó éjt! or Jó éjszakát! (yoa eyt / yoa EY-så-kat)
Where is the toilet? 
Hol van a mosdó? (hol vån å MOSH-doa?)


Common Signs
Nyitva Open
Zárva Closed
Bejárat Entrance
Kijárat Exit
Tolni Push
Húzni Pull
Mosdó Washroom
WC Toilet
Férfi Men
Nöi Women
Tilos Forbidden


Useful hints
  • Duplicate copies of credit cards and passport. Place copies in a separate location to the orginal. If the orginal gets stolen or lost, you will have a copy to make replacement easier. Another idea is to scan a copy of your passport and cards and email it to yourself so that you can access it if your photo copies are not available.
  • Put some easy identification on your luggage to make it easy to locate. Put a colourful handkerchief/ribbon/strap on the handles of your luggage. This is very important when you will realize that about 20 identical bags like yours will arrive at the conveyor belt all at once!
  • Take a photo of your checked-in luggage. This can help locate misplaced luggage.
  • Before you leave Canada clean out your wallet of all unnecessary cards!
  • Have about 100 CD$ worth of Forint in small change which you can be used for tips and purchasing small value items.
  • I found out that the best exchange rate is to use ATM, but you have to pay extra for using it in a foreign country, therefore take out large amounts each time.
  • There is a currency conversion charge added every time an overseas credit card transaction is made.
  • You can use MasterCard or Visa in Hotels and Restaurants.
  • Before travel call credit card company tell them where you are going.
  • Bring plastic coat hangers to hang up over night the clothes you might wash at the Hotel.
  • On the train put your luggage in eyesight so you can see it all the times. Be sure that someone will watch you luggage if you sleep – you don't want to fall asleep and wake to discover that you have no more luggage! If you have packsack secure its belts to the luggage rack. If you have your bag at your feet, tie your shoelace to the pack.
  • Make sure you have travel and medical insurance to cover yourself incase you need treatment from injuries or loss of bagage for personal belongings.
  • If taking medication, make sure you have the medication in its original and labeled containers. You may also require a letter from your doctor if your medication is unusual or contains narcotics.


Cristian sent this information:

Domino Quick SIM card

In Hungary the Domino Quick SIM card which is gross 1800 HUF.
could be purchased at the appointed petrol stations, MediaMarkt, Edigital, Tesco and Auchan stores
MicroSIM is also available only at T-Pont shops, and if the phone was not bought from us, it costs gross 4500 HUF.
If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us a on our Customer Service (+36-1) 265-9210 and we will be glad to assist you. For English menu please press 2.

Requiring no annual contract, Domino Quick cards can be purchased even at petrol stations. Getting your own Hungarian mobile number has never been easier.
purchase price of HUF 600 or 1800 can be applied towards airtime charges

How to activate your domino Quick SIM
Without a Hungarian permanent addres and ID card
Look for the nearest T-Point outlet and have your passport or photo ID at hand.

1800HUF for Domino Quick SIM:
2000HUF for Domino Go!Net L:

A Tesco store(about 600 mete from the hotels: Tisza Lajos körút 41,

Arriving to Hungary

  • Use the green lane to exit in Hungary because you will have nothing to declare.
  • At the arrival to Ferihegy I, Hungary take 200E bus to Ferihegy II Airport where you can board the train to Szeged.
  • You must have Hungarian money to buy tickets.
  • Bus ticket from the driver 400Ft = 1.8 $.
  • Train ticket on InterCity trains with reserved seats 4,290Ft. =19.3 $.
  • Money exchange rate 1$ = 222 Forint but this can change daily.

Returning to Canada

  • Have a pen with you for filling in custom declaration forms.
  • Remember no food allowed into Canada. You can bring in chocolates and candy in small amounts.
  • Occasionally security will check your camera and memory sticks as they are looking for child pornography.

Found on the internet.

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